Welcome to Real Nepal

We would like to make an appeal for help at this challenging time in the COVID-19 pandemic. Real Nepal is a non-profit non-profit social organization located in Panauti Municipality, the rural hilly district of Kavrepalanchok, Nepal.Our vision is create a new future for Nepali vulnerable blind children ensuring their right to education to making them self dependent in the future.
Since December 2017, we are running Real Dream Home a residential educational training center/ preparatory school for 15 blind children from different remote parts of Nepal. Since March 2020, everything has changed for us. We face dire challenges to support our children. Please consider helping Real Nepal in these three ways:
We evergreen seek funds to keep this regular program running. The help can be in  forms of Home rent,  Braille Learning materials, Food and accommodation for the children, Clothes/dresses, and hygienic materials for the children, Medications and treatment for the children Computers with screen reader software, Music instrument, Assistive devices suppose: Whitecanes, Audio devices with hard drive, children, sports materials,  Salary for the caregivers and teachers
In the residential programme, initially 15 blind and partially sighted children have been accommodating at REAL Nepal and we are preparing them for their effective studies in regular mainstream education. This is a way for them to break the cycle of illiteracy and to open the gateway to a successful and bright future. With US$ 60 per month for each children, you ensure education, food and shelter for a blind children.

As special equipment for the blind is very expensive, we would appreciate donation of new or used but functioning equipment such as:

3.Braille Slate and Stylus
4.White canes
5.Magnifying devices
6.Laptops, screen reader software