News Article 2018

Dear All,

I am not expectant or dependent. I feel that expectancy and dependency can frustrate effort of working hard. I am a very hard initiator. I am a social worker. I am a person with blindness. I am a change maker. I am a hunter. I don’t tell people I can get you all you need in this world but I have learnt to work with people to change marginalized conditions. I know what I am talking about REAL Nepal. 

As we enter in the beginning of this new year season, it’s important that we reflect on our past contributions to the communities and plan for the fourth coming years. How are you creating change? What changes created? How does it impact the communities? you supported REAL Nepal with gift, grants and valuable ideas. This is a right time for us to express our gratitude by saying very special Thank you for all your contributions, we were able to do more with your support. It’s not yet late for REAL Nepal to reach as many marginalized blind children as this is our ultimate plan to create a better community where everyone celebrates it diversity. Your continuous support will make us create a new dynamic culture free of superstitious beliefs and disability will never be a problem at all.


Debrief the year of 2018:

In the end of 2017 REAL Nepal started the very first program naming by REAL Dream Home. Which is a residential educational training center/preparatory school for the unreached blind children. Initially we had accommodated 6 blind children from difference remote and rural part of Nepal. Amongst 6 2 were totally blind and 4 have a low vision, mean? which is only light perception.

As a continuity of the starting program, according to our vision Mission and objectives we have been regularly providing our training program with applying a prepared teaching learning curriculum and action plan. Which is completely applicable for blind children?

Because of our hard effort to make enable children through our qualitative blind friendly teaching system, within a year of 2018 in the day time some of the children are being able to join the mainstream government school with independently by using whitecane and braille script for regular mainstream study. They are formally admitted at the local government school “Shree Indreswor Higher secondary school Panauti.

Generally, here we have been providing routine wise trainings: such as, braille literacy, Mobility training with whitecane, computer skill with speech synthesizer, communication skill, typical singing and dance practice, play music instrument, child friendly games, acting in the social drama to understand them about social issues, English language practice, storytelling ETC.

At the same time, we made attend and formally participate in the difference celebration, local festivals and social activities regarding the different invitation, that are pointed in the below.

  1. We REAL Nepal team has attend the disability talent show program as a participate at Banepa party venue, that organized by Kavre Jesis.


  1. We got a very warm invitation from Banepa rotary club team to communicate between each other and sharing the experiences between blindness and non-blind. As a result, we had meeting at Banepa village resort. That day Rotarian Heera Sharma was committed from Banepa rotary club side to support us by some amount. likewise, the Rotarian Naresh Pradhananga was announced to give us some warm blanket.


  1. We became too grateful to be attend in the most prestigious annual meeting of Banepa Rotary club at K N banquet. In that beautiful celebration this club supported us NRs60000 for  blind children.


  1. The awesome memory was we got a very golden opportunity to be a part of CDRA team during the celebration of Teej festival. Our children’s and ladies team members perform their talent around the mainstream women’s. Lastly our participate children’s and woman’s received daily uses makeup equipment as a token of love from the organizer.


  1. On the last of the November 2018, we have received 8 pieces of warm blanket from Rotarian Naresh Pradhananga for our blind kids.


  1. On December third 2018, on the occasion of 27th international disability day. Our local government “Panauti Municipality “and REAL Nepal jointly conducted the open creative talent show between inclusive participants. They were children with disability and non-disable, youths, municipality staffs and other ladies and gentleman were fully shown their extreme creativity. The municipality head and administration were completely inspired with this inclusive model program. And they were highly appreciated with the overall schedule. End of the program the municipality office was distributed some stationaries, sanitary sets and small amount as a prize for the attendees talented. Finally, the program heads the municipality vice mayor miss Gita Banjara wishes a very warm happy disability day for all Nepali.


I always believe in the power of dream, that could not fulfil without your helping hand. Therefore, our year of 2019 also expecting your encouragement, well-wishes, and funding support whatever you  can.

Lastly, I highly wish a very warm happy new year 2019 to you all from all over the world.