REAL Nepal

News Article 2019


Dear REAL Nepal Board Committee, partners, colleagues, friends and Supporters,

We are indeed the great pleasure to share our 2019 annual activities, progress, extensive program and further strategical plan for years of 2020. During our 2 years "2017 December to December 2019" journey, we made many potential well-wishers, public relation, local, national and international supporters. That always inspiring us to be more responsible, energetic, and active learner to do better and better than previous. This is very honest, we are not good enough, but your smalls are making us massive. Here I and on behalf REAL Nepal family extend our heartfelt gratitude for your regular observation and awesome support. That we will expect from you forever.

 A small thinking and small organization can take the big initiation for the social change, whatever we can do from our own side. here we are realizing this is also small step to help the local government for their community development program. This is REAL Nepal a local social organization have been running a residential educational training center/preparatory school for the vulnerable blind children, who are from rural and highly remote parts of Nepal. Ordinaryship and vulnerability are not large issue itself, it just so calling by the privilege society. We have been regularly trying to change their attitude through our small work to enable those blind children by educational trainings program.


Activities 2019:

 Within years of 2019 we have done some most important tasks to improve our service quality for on-going program, these are pointed billow.

  1. We have done most hard effort for special government scholarship for the children. All the necessary official documents have been submitted to the relevant offices. May be in between 2020 we will able to approve.
  2. Along with braille literacy, daily living skills, dance and singing. From the middle of 2019 we have been starting music and basic computer class for the children.
  3. Except the old children, in 2019 year we had enrolled more 2 blind child girl from Nuwakot district.
     d. We have done three successful meeting with local government (Panauti Municipality) To manage the rent-free small land or wastage building to run our regular program around this Panauti area. It will continue in 2020 /21 also until then decision.
  4. REAL Nepal have received braille educational materials, food items, two set laptop, kitchen utensils, cloths for the children, music instrument set and cases 20 thousand from Ncell Nepal (A private telecommunication company of Nepal). That was coordinated by Mr-Narayan Singh Mahat, the former DGM of Nepal telecom. That support was handover by presenting Mayor of local municipality Panauti, The CEO of Ncell Nepal, DGM Narayan Singh Mahat and received by REAL Nepal team on 13th December 2019.

Vision for 2020/21

To see our blind children are living inside our own compound with as possible as optimum blind friendly teaching learning facility.
 Thankyou !