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Dear REAL Nepal Members, Friends, Supporters and Partners,

Greetings from REAL Nepal!

On behalf of REAL Nepal, I would like to express my warmest greetings and would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy/healthy New Year 2021!!! May this year bring happiness, joy, prosperity, love and success in each of your life!!! May the year 2021 begin with availability of mass vaccination for all of us to get victory over the Coronavirus!!

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2020 also has been filled with a number of wide-reaching activities and critical programs that we are so very proud of and we could not have done without your support. On behalf of the Board and staff of the REAL Nepal) our deepest thanks for your support, which really helped to make 2020 a strong year of pathways forward, as REAL Nepal continues its educational intervention, capacity building activities and advocacy work for the rural disability community of around Bagmati Provine, Nepal. We appreciate your support and commitment to REAL Nepal’s mission, and expect the same in the future as well! We truly could not do without your support!

As the year 2020 comes to the end, let me share a brief update from REAL Nepal as below:


Project Situation Debrief:

On January the beginning of January 2020 , or 3rd of January, we went field visit to identified the contacted location, where we heard many blind children are living out of very basic service. We went for two week for two district Ramechhap and Dolakha. When we reached Ramechhap district, we servey one ward of Likhu Sunkoshi Rural Municipality ward No 7. There we found 13 children having blindness living with a extreme poverty. We requested them to sent with us for their education. But they never convince with our convincing and demonstration. So we were planned to run mobile braille school like this place for a months. At the same time our children have been going their mainstream school for the regular study, Till that time the covid case was spreading fastly around the europ and China. Nepal also preparing to lockdown. So Schools got a direction from education ministry to take final exam as soon as possible before lockdown. Our school also done according to that request. Then after complete final exam before the lockdown of march 2020, Our blind children also success to reached their own home for until school open.

The global pandemic COVID-19 have been extremely affecting over the world since over the last six seven months. All the human beings over the world are still directly suffering from this inside the communities. Nepal also being part of this like another world. Like the world situation, my organization and organizational children project activities have been completely stopped since March 2020. Our student blind children staying at home yet. Till today, we could not do our daily activities properly because of COVID has becoming transmission in community.

Due to the long-time lockdown, we felt children can confirm to forget braille script to writing and reading skill. So since 15, may 2020, we are providing our minimum possibility to reached them. So, we have been running remind class through phone teaching. Our special teacher regularly teaching them. each week three children have been contacting. That is only one effective way for rural and remote community. Where is not access of internet and easy network of mobile phone. It will be continuing until then children arrive. Now from July 20 the lockdown is opened except some important limitations, and some of the daily activities are moving slowly. But schools’ colleges and university regular study will start from October/November if create the easy environment. Still international and domestic flight completely close, long route transportation also not open.

Grant implementation:

In this difficult condition, at least however I need to save and cover my trusty working team, (who are also completely depending on their salary for daily survive) and organizational property. Therefore, this grant I properly use to pay home rent and staff salary. From the total amount which you transformed, I payed home rent for three months March, April and May. Each month for 35000NRP, this total goes to 105000NRP.

Salary for the teacher for two months May and June, each month for 15000NRP and total goes to 30000NRP. I paid caregivers salary too. We have two caregivers for the home. Each person gets 10000NPR salary for each month. Here total goes to for two months= 2*10000*2=40000NRP that I have make in the excel table, is attached herewith.

Barrier or Challenges:

If the situation will make easy to run school. We have planning to recontinue our regular program from January/February 2021. So, our hard dedication and tiredless effort using for fundraising and arrangement of daily needs. If we could not make at least initial fund before this duration, there is big difficult to kick start or could not pick up. All the stocks food items have been fully damaged. And some braille papers and other braille books because of long-time lock the doors. So now, our first priority, plan, actions or strategies whatever We say, will be to overcome from the big financial crisis and school restart.

At the same time, we had faced unexpected behaviour from house owner, that happened because of lack of back up fund we could not pay house rent. So, house owner directly told us to leave from his home. That situation we shared to our all well-wishers and local municipality office. As a result, all the well-wishers team hardly work for manage us in the safe place or immediate to store our all the utensils. Finally, they found one rough and old empty school building. They help us to renovate that building rooms and Municipality handover us to store our things. So, we did so on at September 27th, 2020. Finally, we got rent free rooms to protect our materials.

So, from October 2020 we have been working a COVID response program that collaborating with local social activist and local government until December 2020 for the extremely poor community around the Kavre district. At the same time, we had hardly work to restart our project.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciations to you for your support with REAL Nepal and extending your generosity and continuing cooperation. With the support from partner organizations like yours, we have been able to run residential educational program for vulnerable blind children, contribute for disability inclusion; to promote disability agenda and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities in local, provincial and national level.

Time flies, and it’s already time for another great year 2021! Though the 2020 was a very chaotic year, we still could continue most of the activities as mentioned above, and now we’re so excited to welcome for another wonderful year 2021 a head.


Finally thank you a lot for the great support and coordination you provided in getting us in this level and looking forward to meeting you and working together in the next year 2021!

Please don't hesitate to contact us. 


Thank You & Happy Holidays!


Sincerely yours,

Rajendra Prasad Dhital

Founder/Project Manager,

REAL Nepal.