First quarterly news 2021

1st January, to 30th April, 2021


It is extremely tough time to survive or live for people from all over the world due to corona pandemic. Not for one or one place. It is hardly spreading globally. Nepal also hardly effected from this pandemic like world. Every kind of works and working stations were completely closed. REAL Nepal regular program also became a part of that situation like everyone. After 6:7 months lockdown, the terrible condition has been going down and the condition was coming back to the normal from November/December 2020. Still that time we could not resume our closed program due to many confusions.

But beginning of the years of 2021 we have making strong concept, how ever we need to resume program before April 2021. For that we needed to do many preparations before then children arrived.

New Home Finding:

After displaced from our old venue Toukhal rental home due to the lack of home rent. Since September 2020 we have been storing our organizational property in the old school building of Balodhar Secondary school Thadobato, Panauti, which is being useless over the last 2 years because that school made new buildings that located 200 meters far from here. The school have been operating their class in the new building. Through our extremely hard request with local supporters, social initiators and activist, they seriously understood about our critical condition. Then after, they strongly convince to the local ward presidents and Panauti municipality board. So, municipality became agree to settle us on around their area. Infect we got this old school building’s rooms for store our property. After 4 months storage, on the beginning of January 2021, we have been thinking, if this old building available for long-term we could confidently resume our blind children program forever without any tension because, if it possible we will be rent free. Also, during this three four months we we have getting opportunity to understand about surrounding community. We understood, this area is physically accessible, community is much flexible or disability friendly and everyone have interested to setup us in this old building because of, at least this building will be properly use for social propose. So REAL Nepal calls the urgent board meeting on January 5th, 2021 with attendees some whole-hearted supporters. That meeting made the following decision:

  1. REAL Nepal should make new agreement with this Balodhar Secondary school for our blind children mainstream education.
  2. REAL Nepal should take authentic permission from local government and district education department Kavre.
  3. REAL Nepal should be renovating and maintenance the old building rooms and infrastructure, which should be blind children access.
     Regarding this board meeting decision, we had meeting with school. The school were agreeing towards our propose but, recently school will available 4 rooms from the old building to run our program. Sometime we felt shocked, then we discuss some days with supporter. The final decision there is no option without agree of school’s decision cause, that building property was also legally under the school. Accordingly, we worked agreement paper for inclusion to our children education and rooms using.
     Building Renovation and Maintenance:

    We were feeling quiet happy and stressless in terms of got rent free rooms. So again, we went municipality office to make us some fund to maintenance the extremely rough building rooms. At that time, there was broked windows and door’s structure, walls and ceilings are plaster less, toilet and bathroom are distroid condition and school were no compound. After explain the current situation of this to rough building. The municipality funded 25 thousand to maintain windows and doors. That was not enough to do at least minimum basic maintenance. So again, we requested to our friends and supporter to give us woods and iron or some money. From the help of every souls and supporter, we could prepare just windows doors and simple gate for the urgent safety. The toilet bathroom did slightly correction. but we left remain many others needed due to the lack of cost. At least we could renovate very basic structure. So, we were encouraging to go head.
     Fundraising Campaign:
    The COVID pandemic created lockdown, lockdown created deepest crisis and it created extreme poverty. That kind of painful situation we have been facing like every sectors. A little backup fund which we had in REAL Nepal account has been completely over. We were happy to got rent free venue. But we had big challenges, how to arrangement the basic needs for the residential educational program resume suppose; foods, braille stationary, daily uses water, cloths for the children, some bed sets, assistive devices, kitchen utensils and small funding ETC. So, we were make an appeal to support whatever supporter can support us amongst needs. Through our request, we got help out of imagination. Many local supporters send us food items for a month, functionable bed sets and kitchen utensils. Similarly, The Rose International Foundation USA and Global Support UK funded us basic fund for arrange braille stationary, assistive devices, cloths for the children, basic salary for the caregiver and braille teacher and cost for the reopening ceremony. That impressed us to fix a date for reopening. So, we fix opening ceremony on 10th of April 2021.
     Proper Home setup:
     All most braille stationary daily uses things which was remaining of last year has been completely damaged and food items became totally workless. So that needed to new arrangement. But the beds and bet sets are 90% were functionable. So, we reset up in the rooms. Since march 25 we have started to call our regular children to come before 5th of April. In so far, they 7 children arrived at REAL Dream Home with a new excitement.
     Braille refreshment class:
    REAL Nepal has conducted a grand reopening ceremony on 10th of April, 2021 with following the COVID safety tools. At that day more than 150 well-wishers visited us in the different time. However we started again, but still there was risk because the COVID second variant have been speedily spreading all over the world with danger then last year. So again, we were very near to another uncertain lockdown. At this difficult time, we were planning to rememorise the basic braille to our arrived children. Because, during that all most one-year gap, they had forgotten the braille dot and numbers too. Also, we needed to practice them to do writing and reading. We did so on in between April month. At the same time lockdown has been started around the country. The continue we will share you next quarterly news.
     Thankyou all for your warm contribution to make us possible resume our regular program.